Susan Bade Hull, Moreno Valley Investment Group No. 1 LLC.

I have been working with Rob Johnston and his team since September 2012. I manage and partly own an industrial business park in San Clemente; our property consists of three buildings with a total of 41 units. Johnston Pacific has done an excellent job for us. I believe they know the market better than any other firm in the area. They are extremely professional and responsive to our needs. As the real estate market improved over the past seven years, they were able to lease I00% of our park even when the market was struggling. Now that the market is strong, they are getting market rates for us, and they openly give me market advice when I am renewing older leases on my own. Johnston Pacific also sold an industrial building my family owned in San Clemente. We were not in a hurry to sell the building. Rob told us that if we were patient, he thought we could get close to asking price. He was correct. We sold the building in 9 months for the price we thought the building was worth. They helped the transaction go smoothly and flawlessly. I thoroughly enjoy working with Rob and his team, and I highly recommend them for leasing and sales.