What We Do

Hard work and integrity aren't cliches at Johnston Pacific, they're facts. If you can find a more honest, harder-working broker: hire them.

Our clients believe profitable real estate decisions are based on receiving the most accurate information. As experts in South Orange County, the lease, sale, investment, and availability data we provide to you greatly strengthens your negotiating position.

We don't earn our commission until we have saved you both time and money. Our success in anticipating every aspect of a real estate transaction enables you to receive the best possible value, in the shortest period of time, with the fewest problems.

After gaining a complete understanding of your needs, we dedicate the time and level of commitment necessary to deliver results that build long-term business relationships.

Our clients embrace this philosophy. It is one of the reasons they are successful entrepreneurs and owners of growing businesses. At Johnston Pacific, we have proven that "worldwide contacts" or dozens of agents competing in the same office are not necessary to fulfill our clients' local commercial real estate needs.

Once Johnston Pacific has earned the right to represent you, your real estate requirement becomes our full-time job, and no one will work harder or smarter on your behalf to get you what you want.