Johnston Pacific Success Stories

Craig Turner, President & CEO – Guided Discoveries, Inc

Upon deciding that we were going to sell our office, the question naturally turned to who would handle the sale. A quick Google search can turn up countless options but a personal recommendation introduced us to Rob and Louis at Johnston Pacific and I am glad they did. Rob and Louis were extremely professional from the start and were able to realize a fantastic price quickly and well within budget. When the time came to find our new office, Louis was instrumental in helping us identify our needs and reading the market. Our new location is great and I do not think we would have found it without them. If anyone is thinking of selling a commercial property, I would highly recommend contacting Rob and Louis.

Ed Mark, Commercial Real Estate Investor

I met with Rob 2 years ago to discuss opportunities to purchase free standing industrial buildings located within the Saddleback Valley. The availability of this type of product is very limited and highly sought after by investors. Rob’s vast network of clients and knowledge of the local real estate market presented an opportunity. He called on a Wednesday to inform me of an “off market” industrial building that may be coming to market. We made an offer that afternoon, secured a signed contract to purchase the asset within 48 hours and closed escrow 30 days later. Thank you Rob!

Bill Sabatine, Chroma Systems

Louis was a terrific help providing us with a number of properties that fit our needs. We were able to work though a number of issues during the acquisition process. Louis was timely in calling back and following up, even though we had numerous issues in our case, that needed to be worked thought. I would recommend Louis Johnston and his organization to anyone looking for commercial real estate in our market.

Rich Hubbell, Commercial Real Estate Investor

I have known Rob Johnston since the early 90’s . With his guidance, I have moved my company into larger facilities 3 times as we out grew them. Rob was responsible for putting me in touch with an investment group from which I purchased a building prior to it being built in Pacific Commerce Center, Lake Forest. I eventually sold my company and have leased the building to 3 different companies all with the expert guidance from Rob Johnston. This last time Rob’s son Louis was invaluable. We faced a situation where the tenant was coming to the end of a 10 year run and the market rents had grown so much that the new lease put my tenant into sticker shock. Working with the team at Johnston Pacific we were able to justify the increases with Comps of the area and creative structuring of the new terms to make it possible to keep a long term tenant at todays rates. I believe Johnston Pacific has the experience and market savvy based on this difficult situation to …. Get the job done. I look forward to the future with Rob, Louis and the team at Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate.

Jeff Rubin, Knitec

If you hire Rob and his team at Johnston Pacific as your broker, you can be sure that they will tirelessly look, like for the needle in the hay stack, until they find you the right buyer and the perfect building for you and your business. I highly recommend them and their services for all your commercial real estate needs!

Gerard Valat, Property Owner

I recently retained Johnston Pacific to market and sell my industrial condo in San Clemente. I live in Europe and really needed to find a broker that I can fully trust to represent me and my interests without me physically being there. Rob and his team did exactly that. They kept me frequently updated during the whole process and went out of their way to keep in touch despite the distance and time difference. Once Johnston Pacific found a buyer, they did an excellent job providing me with all the information I needed to successfully complete and file all escrow documents on time, which was especially a challenge due to me living in a different country and Covid-19 restrictions. I am very satisfied with the results of this transaction and I highly recommend Rob, Louis, and Melanie to everyone looking to sell their commercial property in Southern California.

Tony Lewis, Eternal Essence Oils

Rob, Lou, and Melanie were awesome in helping us secure our new building to help take our business to the next level. Their knowledge of the whole lease transaction process made us feel comfortable throughout the transaction. They were even there for us to answer questions after we already moved into the building.

Jeff Brown, First Time Buyer

“I recently purchased my first commercial property using Rob and Louis at Johnston Pacific. They educated me on the entire process and spent extra time walking me through each step. The building closed escrow in a very short period of time and thanks to their help, I’m now in my new office. I highly recommend their team.”

Chas Glaub, First Time Buyer

I felt fortunate to find a broker to go with me through the entire process of my first commercial purchase. Rob was with me all the way and made sure the whole process went smooth and I was protected the whole way through.

Homey Shorooghi, Property Owner

Thank you Johnston pacific team for selling my property. Rob is a great agent and on your side, his realistic and result oriented approach from beginning to end ensures success in your transaction. He delivers where others promise. I recommend him and his team for all your industrial real estate needs in the south county.

Mike Jones, Property Owner

Thanks for all of your collective efforts at Johnston Pacific and success in completing the sales on our remaining two industrial condos during the Covid crisis of 2020. These sales were at market highs and I find that truly amazing given the current market. OUTSTANDING JOB on planning, communicating and executing the sales efforts. Your knowledge and flow of business is unmatched in the south county area. Your efforts generated multiple offers from qualified buyers and allowed successful and timely financial outcome for each of the three units we purchased and eventually sold. I appreciate the long term relationship starting when we originally purchased the units 2008, through the change in our business that led to you sourcing a tenant for the building in 2017 and finally selling one unit in 2018 and the last two of our buildings in 2020. I appreciate your knowledge, guidance and professionalism throughout all our interactions. I will gladly serve as reference to any client entertaining your services.

Byron & Karen Blanco, Property Owners

Recently, we had a very good experience contracting with Rob Johnston, Louis Johnston, and Melanie Keck of Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate, Inc. to sell our property. The team sold our unit at 216 Avenida Fabricante in San Clemente, in a very professional manner, and very quickly, too. We were concerned about being able to sell it during this Covid-19 time, but our worries were unfounded. Rob and his team worked very hard, and they sold the unit rapidly and professionally. Rob is friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He knows the San Clemente and South Orange County inside and out, and he did not hesitate to guide us through the selling process with good questions and helpful suggestions. He showed the property frequently, contacted us with any questions he had, and was easy to get in touch with. Louis Johnston was very friendly and helpful, also. When he had questions about inventory inside the unit, he sent us photos so we could answer his questions easily. Melanie Keck was prompt with her e-mails and kept us informed every week about the number of people who looked at the unit, as well as how many people inquired about the property. All three agents returned phone calls, e-mails, and texts promptly. The team made the paperwork process move smoothly, and we were very happy to close escrow without a hitch. We highly recommend the agents at Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate for any real estate needs.

Yolanda Holly, Property Owner

I have bought and sold four commercial real estate buildings. From the beginning I used Rob Johnston with Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate for every purchase and sale. I noticed that his company had the most listings and that he was selling the buildings rather fast. Buying my first commercial building was a huge step for me. Rob told me about the seller, explained what will be necessary to pass all inspections such as the environmental and appraisal reports. He was very professional showing me the property, access to the roof, how to open the roll up doors. He also showed me where all the electrical switches are. Told me What the businesses around me were and what the Association covers. Rob broke down the payment figures for me and familiarized me with the current mortgage rates. He offered to suggest the lenders should I need help obtaining the loan. When it came to getting all the paperwork in order, Rob was right there providing guidance and assistance. I felt extremely confident having such a knowledgeable Broker and mentor. Recently, in the midst of Corona Virus, Rob leased my building providing me with a great tenant. He is a hard worker with fantastic staff. When it comes to real estate, I am very loyal to Rob Johnston and his Brokerage business.

Dennis DeLucio, Property Owner

In my search for a commercial property, I contacted Louis Johnston of Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate because they represented a property for sale that interested me. During my interactions with Louis, I was very pleased with how he conducted his business for this real estate transaction. He is very detail oriented and thorough in all his communications. Louis also provided a positive liaison between me and the seller of the property. Although there were many questions that required answers, Louis ensured I received the complete responses I needed from all the responsible parties. He was. very pleasant, knowledgeable, and demonstrated a composed demeanor throughout the ups and downs of the transaction. As a result, Louis enabled the transaction to smoothly move forward through the finish. I highly recommend Louis and his firm to anyone interested in buying or selling a commercial real estate property.

John Cederquist, Property Owner

After the corona virus hit I didn’t think we had any hope of getting anyone into the office space. But with Johnston Pacific’s help and advice on what needed to be done to the office space we couldn’t have had a better outcome. Louis was always there when I called in regards to new prospects and did a great job of handling all the nuts and bolts required to complete the lease. Because of the outbreak, I thought we would have to compromise on price but in the end, my expectations were exceeded.

Joey Santley, Owner of I-Sea

If you are in a position to purchase a commercial building in San Clemente for your business or as investment, I highly suggest you speak to Johnston Pacific when it comes time to make this type of purchase. Experience matters more than you think. It is very important to have a group like Johnston Pacific handle the particulars of the transactions so you can stay focused on your core business.

Jeff Hooper, Property Owner

I hired Rob Johnston and his staff to rent my 1,731 sq. ft. office/warehouse space a couple of months ago. I believe it took him about 1 month to find a great tenant who signed a multi-year lease at a very good rent. His office staff was very cordial and friendly and kept me updated as to the whole rental process. I highly recommend Robs’ firm, Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate, if you’re thinking about renting or selling your commercial estate.

Paula Uttaro, Property Owner

Rob at Johnston Pacific had our 23,000 square foot building rented with in a month. He found us a established tenant and got us a record lease rate. Rob also did a fantastic job writing our lease. There have been a few issues with our tenant over the last few years which were quickly resolved due to our well written and thought out lease. Rob is a real pro.

Anthony Tonokaboni, TNT Enterprises, Inc.

Recently, I have enlisted Rob and his team to sell another Commercial Property we own in Carlsbad, we gave Rob the go ahead for a variety of reasons. Most importantly and something I appreciate with other Business People, is the fact that he can be upfront and tell us with no reservation what he feels is the Value of any property without fear that we may say, that is too low, I will go with someone else. He is upfront, professional, and his vast knowledge of the Market make him an excellent resource in dealing with Transactions in the Commercial field.

Oscar Schulte, Schulte Corporation

Thank you very much for your support and professionalism. I was not expecting to have the unit leased on such a short period of time. Very pleased to have a long term lease as well. Can’t appreciate you enough.

Nicole Mitsopoulos, Property Owner

Rob and the staff there are true professionals. They provided excellent service to help me and I would highly recommend them for all your real estate needs. Best of all, their customer service is great. Rob always returned my calls and answered any and all questions I had in a timely manner…which was huge for me.

Greg Iorio, Lund-Iorio Inc.

As a small business owner & sales executive, I wear many different hats in running my company and often rely on the expertise of outside professionals. I started working with Johnston-Pacific about 5+ years ago when it was time to relocate my company and it was then that I realized how much I did not know about the commercial real estate market. Rob Johnston and his team helped me evaluate several options and find the perfect location for our growing agency. Their speed, professionalism and knowledge of South Orange County allowed me to stay focused on running my business knowing they have my best interest in mind.

Dan Gorman, Integrity International Insurance Brokers, LLC.

I am happy to recommend Rob Johnston and his team at Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate. They handled the sale of our office with diligent professionalism and timely follow-through.

Susan Bade Hull, Moreno Valley Investment Group No. 1 LLC.

I have been working with Rob Johnston and his team since September 2012. I manage and partly own an industrial business park in San Clemente; our property consists of three buildings with a total of 41 units. Johnston Pacific has done an excellent job for us. I believe they know the market better than any other firm in the area. They are extremely professional and responsive to our needs. As the real estate market improved over the past seven years, they were able to lease I00% of our park even when the market was struggling. Now that the market is strong, they are getting market rates for us, and they openly give me market advice when I am renewing older leases on my own. Johnston Pacific also sold an industrial building my family owned in San Clemente. We were not in a hurry to sell the building. Rob told us that if we were patient, he thought we could get close to asking price. He was correct. We sold the building in 9 months for the price we thought the building was worth. They helped the transaction go smoothly and flawlessly. I thoroughly enjoy working with Rob and his team, and I highly recommend them for leasing and sales.