Rich Hubbell, Commercial Real Estate Investor

I have known Rob Johnston since the early 90’s . With his guidance, I have moved my company into larger facilities 3 times as we out grew them. Rob was responsible for putting me in touch with an investment group from which I purchased a building prior to it being built in Pacific Commerce Center, Lake Forest. I eventually sold my company and have leased the building to 3 different companies all with the expert guidance from Rob Johnston. This last time Rob’s son Louis was invaluable. We faced a situation where the tenant was coming to the end of a 10 year run and the market rents had grown so much that the new lease put my tenant into sticker shock. Working with the team at Johnston Pacific we were able to justify the increases with Comps of the area and creative structuring of the new terms to make it possible to keep a long term tenant at todays rates. I believe Johnston Pacific has the experience and market savvy based on this difficult situation to …. Get the job done. I look forward to the future with Rob, Louis and the team at Johnston Pacific Commercial Real Estate.